About Our Company

TMLstar. Co is working with the leading aluminium extrusion companies in the world and therefore can offer unlimited service of extruded profile shapes and mechanical high quality products.
TMLstar. Co has the opportunity to evalute each project by there production complexity and quality level based on their experince. TMLstar. Co can find easliy the right extrusion company with the right quality, to provide their customer the right level of product. TMLstar. Co’s biggest misson is to serve their customer with all needed technical infos and complete every project without any doubts.

It’s important to know that not every extruder (extrusion supplier) can or will offer you what you need directly. Many companies in this industry focus on pressing large quantities of aluminium only. TMLstar. Co, on the other hand, focuses mainly on high quality, complex profiles. We don’t make things unnecessarily complex, but a complex profile is often the part in a product that can make a difference. This could be because it has a complex shape, has to be very thin-walled or may have a maximum dimensional tolerance. TMLstar. Co is able to provide every customers all needs.This is precisely the level of detail that TMLstar. Co excels in.

Advantages of aluminium extruded profiles from TMLstar. Co

* Considerable freedom of form in the design process.
* Cost savings compared to many production techniques.
*Access to our extensive knowledge and experience.
* We manufacture total products by machining, surface treatment and assembly in house

By using high-end precision, TMLstar can providee the most complex designs for aluminium extruded profiles. No matter how complicated your designs may be, an extrusion mould is relatively cheap and easy to make (compared to moulds of other techniques). This makes precision extrusion a cost-effective alternative to machining, for example.

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